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Screen and Webcam Recording Made Easy

Create Your Videos With dadan

record anything

Record Anything: Screen, Cam, or Micro

You can capture your computer’s screen while using the microphone audio to narrate your video or even use your webcam to express yourself better.

Use the combination that is suitable for your purpose and aligns with compliance requirements. The webcam image appears as a “talking head” in the bottom left corner of your recording.

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Record With Your Personal Settings

You can specify the area you want to capture. It is possible to select between recording your entire screen, or only one application window, or a certain browser tab, or even a custom piece of your screen. Moreover, depending on your network speed, you can adjust your video resolution.

dadan will pick up the best choice for your current setup.

record with your personal settings
pause resume and reset when necessary
Grad 1

Write on the Screen and Highlight Your Cursor

While you are recording, you can start annotating your video using the screen write feature or activate the mouse pointer to highlight the area around your cursor. Both features are available in the popup menu that remains visible during the whole process providing you access to the most essential functionality.

Pause, Resume, and Reset When Necessary

High-quality videos take time. To take a break in the middle of the recording process is not a problem with dadan. If you want to start the video without saving the existing part, you can clear the temporary cache and remove the existing footage without having to wait for the video to be saved. Use the popup menu to access record controls.

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Record on Every OS

With dadan, you do not have to worry about the compatibility of your OS with our tool. You can record on Mac and Windows using dadan desktop applications or install our Chrome extension. dadan is OS-agnostic and won’t burden your CPU.

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