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A Video Says More

Than Anything Else

Record, edit, share, and collaborate using video messages. Create simple instructions, powerful product demos, and personal greetings with dadan.

Screen recording software for Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS

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The New Era of Video Editing

Are you ready to take your video content to the next level? Our browser-based video editor is here to transform your recordings into stunning visual stories.
Whether you're a content creator, marketer, educator, or just someone who wants to enhance their videos, our intuitive tool has you covered.

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Productivity Means Profitability

dadan boosts your business performance by enhancing your team and customer communication. dadan provides you with a powerful tool for knowledge sharing and personalized video messaging.

dadan is perfect for a busy manager haunted by to-do lists and disconnected comm channels. dadan easily integrates with your favorite business productivity tools creating a unique user experience.

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Remote Learning Needs Flexibility

dadan helps teachers and students stay connected. With dadan, you can record and distribute lectures that are interactive and informative. Even primary school kids can use it and will definitely love dadan’s emoticon feature.

Pull their attention in and never lose it back. Say goodbye to your rigid schedule.

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Become a Video Guru

With dadan, you can record and cut like a pro. Unfold your creativity without wasting time learning tricky tools. dadan stands for simplicity and democratizes video editing for everyone.

Save your money by getting a free tool for making breathtaking videos for any purpose. dadan gives you the wings to fly with.

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Stay Connected With Friends and Family

Send warm greetings, video messages, tell stories to stay connected with your friends and relatives: all over the globe, across any time zone!

dadan unites people. Make your beloved ones happier: let them see you wherever you are.

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A Great Tool for Greater Teams

dadan helps you to build strong teams, profit from asynchronous communication, and get access to the best talent around the world.

dadan makes team communication more personal and facilitates knowledge transfer. With dadan, every team member feels committed to what they are doing.

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A more efficient, expressive, effective way to communicate.

Can’t shake hands in person? Do the next best thing: send a video. Create amazing sales videos for your prospects and customers in just a few clicks—no video expertise required.

Record What Really Matters

Win back your calendar and stop wasting time in meetings and with long emails. Our screen recorder can provide the context and connection of a meeting without the time commitment.

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Share Quickly and Securely

Sharing your videos, screenshots, and GIFs is easy. Just create and a link to share is instantly available to paste in Slack, Email, Text message, wherever you like.

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Collaborate and Ideate

Effective team collaboration is the key to success within a business. Rely on dadan’s screen recording and screen shot features to help you build a stronger team and pave the path for success. It’s FREE to get started!

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Scientific Facts About Video Messaging

White Paper
Video Messages for Workforce Productivity
White Paper
Remote Work Efficiency
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How Video Messaging Enhances Productivity

And what does data say about the e!ciency of video messaging? We collected the most important findings. Download our whitepaper on video messaging and its role for productivity.

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