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dadan for Online Learning

dadan empowers self-study, distance and life-long learning. With dadan, you can craft your online course or resume an offline learning process for your students using top-notch technology.

dadan helps to keep communication lines open between tutors and students

School Teachers

Make sure your pupils get the knowledge they need, in an engaging form, with an uninterrupted timeline

College Tutors

Choose a simple tool for describing step-by-step experiments and explaining complex concepts in any subject


Deliver homework or course feedback as a video to explain your approach, ask questions, or raise concerns

Life Coaches

Shoot explanatory videos with a personal touch and motivate viewers to engage with it

Online Instructors

Create professional interactive video courses for popular online learning platforms or own website

Need to close a lockdown-caused gap in your curriculum? Or want to invite an external tutor for your college course? Remote learning solves a lot of problems when students and tutors cannot meet in person. With dadan, you can provide them with high-quality learning materials that perfectly supplement or replace traditional lectures and seminars.

dadan is a flipped classroom compliant SaaS application that is engineered to journey both teachers and students into the desired transition process from the traditional education methods, where students are more than ever involved in shaping the classroom session.

Want to sell your expertise as an online course? Got a profile on a popular platform or want to embed videos on your own website? With dadan, you can do both. Dadan is perfect for explanatory videos, as it not only records your screen and/or webcam but offers a bunch of tools for emphasizing information in your video by writing on it and for engaging viewers.

With dadan, you can record your instructions to let your students watch them later, at any time. They can replay what they did not understand, leave comments, and ask questions when something is unclear. 

Even without distance learning, a lot of tutors had problems with giving one-to-one feedback to students. There has never been enough time for that. With dadan, you can record your message when you want to, as soon as there is a gap in your schedule that you need to fill in quickly. 

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