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Make Your Video Interactive

Pull In Viewers to Engage Them

call to action Video

Add Call-to-Action to Your Video

You recorded, edited, and shared it, but so what? Tell your viewers what you want them to do by adding a CTA button straight into the video. It will be placed on the video surface and will contain a URL leading to your website, newsletter subscription, special offer, landing page, or anything you want. Get leads and conversions directly from your video.

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Highlight Important Information With Custom Content

Apart from numerous annotation features, dadan offers you an opportunity to add a popup with free text anywhere on the video timeline. It can contain information that is difficult to grasp just by listening, such as numbers, exotic geographic or historical names, or foreign words.

Our Content feature will make sure that your viewers pay attention to your content as they have to click the popup away to proceed with the video.

highlight important Information
ask viewers to answer question
Grad 1

Ask Viewers to Answer a Question

With dadan’s Response feature, you can engage your viewers by asking them an open-ended question. Add it at any time point in your video. It will pop up over it, inviting them to type in a reply or skip it. You can view their answers later.

Create an Online Survey Inside Your Video

If you want to know your audience better, vote for the best decision, or simply entertain your viewers, use our Poll feature. You only need to type in a question and at least two replies to choose from. That’s it: a professional survey made just within a few seconds.

create online survey inside your video

Make It Fun With Quizzes

Quizzes enable you to check what your viewers learned from your video. But even if you are not in the online learning industry, quizzes are a great way to make any boring topic fun. People love quizzes because they are quick and allow to refresh memories easily. Add quizzes anywhere inside your video to align it with whatever information you are sharing.

make it fun with quizzes

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