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Grad 1

dadan for Customer Service

Deliver outstanding customer service using video messages. Provide instructions and resolve concerns with a personal touch

dadan helps to close support tickets faster with higher customer satisfaction

Customer Service Representative

Respond to customer cases with video messages to make your service more personal and instructions more simple

IT Help Desk

Record your screen to provide clear step-by-step instructions faster

Tier 3 Support

Explain solutions and deliver step-by-step tutorials for complex issues by showing everything on your screen

In many cases, the shortest way to provide troubleshooting instructions is to show everything on your computer. Record your screen with or without your own talking head and send it over to the customer.

dadan is a flipped classroom compliant SaaS application that is engineered to journey both teachers and students into the desired transition process from the traditional education methods, where students are more than ever involved in shaping the classroom session.

Creating a dadan video takes exactly as much time as it lasts or just a few moments longer. With dadan, you can record and edit simultaneously using our features for writing on the screen. Sharing a video only takes two clicks: generate and send a share link.

The less time you need to close every ticket, the more tickets you can process. Using video messaging, you can reduce your effort and avoid context switching: every case is a video story and not a long thread of messages you need to read anew every time you get back to the ticket.

Whether you are working in a 1st, or 2nd, or 3d level support, you can use video messages to get back with clarification questions to the previous person in the communication chain. Record your message when you have time and let the others watch it when they are less under pressure. 

Record your webcam together with your screen to make the video stand out and help the customers feel special. A short turnaround time, clear instructions, and a personal touch make your customer support better and your customer base more durable. 

As your team can close more tickets faster, the cost of support drops allowing you to spend the money on training your representatives and accelerating your service further. Retained customers mean lower customer acquisition costs, freeing more resources for developing your business. 

Customer Service

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