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Grad 1 - Evaluate

Evaluate Video Engagement

Understand Your Audience, Collect Feedback, and Improve

Get Interaction Results as CSV - Evaluate

Get Interaction Results as CSV

If you used one of the interactive features, you can download the results as CSV files, one per each type of interaction. This allows you to evaluate data in an external analytics tool, save, and process it for other purposes.

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See How Many Viewed Your Video

With dadan, you do not need to set up a third-party tracking tool to count basic engagement metrics. You can see in your dadan account how many people viewed your video. You can also see the number of unique users who watched it.

See How Many Viewed Your Video - Evaluate
video impressions sm - Evaluate
Grad 1 - Evaluate

Video Impressions

Video impressions mean the number of times people clicked on the video link. By measuring this, you can better evaluate the efficiency of single channels that you use to spread the video. Pick up only those channels that have lively users, stop wasting time and money for dead ones.

Comments and Reactions per User
Video View Rate - Evaluate
CTA Clicks - Evaluate

In your dadan account, you can see the click-through-rate of your video. It allows you to measure how many people who clicked on the shared link, actually watched the video. This metric is crucial to evaluating both your video and the channel.

A watched video is good but a video that inspires engagement is much better. With dadan, you can see engagement per user. That is helpful when you collaborate with a remote team and need to check who’s been most active, and who may be laying behind with their feedback or contribution.

The call-to-action button is very important for many video creators. It should generate leads and sales or any other crucial engagement. At dadan, we recognize it and allow you to check the total amount of CTA clicks for every video as well as the same amount per specific user. 

grad 03 e1646892195234 - Evaluate

Get Video Engagement Notifications

You will get notified about any engagement on your dadan video in time and using your preferred method: in-app, web, or email notification. dadan also sends you updates about your team. Notifications allow you to respond to your viewers’ engagement quickly if you send video messages as a part of customer support, sales campaigns, or want to collaborate in a close to real time manner with your distributed team.

Get Video Engagement Notifications

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