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Why We Created Our Video Messaging Wizard

About Us Our Video Messaging Wizard
About us

dadan’s Mission and Main Source of Inspiration

dadan is an ancient city made of stone, with a beautiful rock nearby, naturally carved into the elephantine form. Elephants are gracious and smart animals. They think before they act. They live a simple life. They can learn fast. We are fascinated by their power and endurance, and by their cleverness. We created a tool that is easy to use and that helps you to focus on thinking and creativity. We created dadan, named after the capital of a former kingdom, solid and enduring. The city of dadan shares it ancient history with every nation and every person. That’s why dadan is also perfect for sharing knowledge and ideas across borders and time zones.

The Elephant Rock near the dadan city is made of sandstone. Our tool inherits the characteristics of both: sand and stone. We aimed to make dadan solid as a rock and reliable to ensure that you always can achieve your results. We made it compatible to enable everyone to use it. We built it to be flexible and helpful for a wide range of target audiences in business, education, creation, and even for personal use. We wanted to develop an evergreen tool that is always up and running. We did it. dadan is here.

Our Team

We are a team of passionate software and web developers that wanted to create a simple and affordable alternative to many existing video recording and sharing tools. We stand for simplicity and collaboration.

We want to make remote communication e”cient for everyone. That’s why we came together and created dadan.

About Us

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