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dadan for Distributed Teams

Communicate asynchronously with your remote workers. Eliminate communication overhead and raise the team spirit with video messages

dadan brings together teams spread across the globe

Team members

Communicate with others as if you were office desk neighbors; explain complex ideas quickly and with more outcome

Team leaders

Make sure your genies work as a team, united by a common goal, and no knowledge gets lost

With more and more people working from home, you need a tool that allows you to keep communication on the same quality level as before. Emails and messengers do not show microexpressions that are important for human communication and emotional connections between people. But videos can fill the gap.
Your best developer may be based in a different time zone. Personal conversations may become a challenge. and waiting for a chance may cost you your precious time. Instead, you can record a video message, share your screen, and explain your point personally at any time. Your collaborator will watch it without pressure to reply immediately.
Emails are too flat and cold to create a proper team spirit. When you never see another person, you stop caring. Video messages with a talking head remind them who you are, which personality you have, and that you all are a part of one strong team.
Do not get distracted by the meetings scheduled for your most productive time of the day. Watch video messages and send yours instead. Use your time more efficiently to generate more results and move faster alongside the product timeline.
With access to a video archive, every employee can have a retrospect look at the project. Dadan helps you to create a complete project documentation without actually working on one. Simply keep all videos you’ve shared with your team before to get back to them at any time or onboard new team members quickly.
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