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Grad 1

dadan for Design, Ideation, and Content Creation

Exchange ideas, discuss, brainstorm, or simply create mind-blowing videos. Free your creativity from expensive and hard-to-lean tools

dadan enables you to create powerful videos as a communication medium or creative content


Explain and discuss visual ideas with video messages

Product Engineers

Fine-tune your concepts together with your collaborators using video

Content Creators

Shape your ideas as video content using a simple and affordable tool

At dadan, we believe that everyone must be able to shoot high-quality videos. That’s why we created our simple tool that does not require either a lot of learning or an expensive license. Everyone with great ideas can realize them using dadan.

Design is visual. So is the video messaging. Simply record your screen to showcase your ideas or provide clear feedback to the ideas of others. Write on the screen while recording to highlight details that you are talking about. Make your message substantial to save your time and that of your counterparts.

Share ideas and provide commentary on them as if you were standing next to your colleague’s shoulder: show them on your screen, point to the important details, and offer to interact with your message.

Design and product teams are often stretched across the entire world. But even if you are all in the same building, your schedules may be too busy for a personal meeting. A video message can replace it or be a good supplement or recap of a previous discussion. 

With the product design process taking less time, you can drastically reduce your time to market, beat your competitors, and save money by avoiding exhausting communication overhead. You and your team can focus on creation instead of synchronization. Do what matters. 

Design and Ideation

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