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Grad 1

dadan for Marketing & Sales Performance

Increase your outreach, nurture more leads, and generate more sales by making your message more appealing with video format

dadan enhances your marketing strategy and boosts sales


Create outstanding marketing campaigns showing your product’s best benefits

Sales Representatives

Reach out to your prospects with an informative and personalized message

Ad Content Creators

Create free video ads for any channel

dadan enables you to produce interactive video content that emphasizes the benefits of your product but is more than just a screen recording. You can add interactive features to your videos to guide viewers’ attention or engage them. Help them memorize your content with better videos.

Show what your product can do without leaving your office desk. Demo videos increase conversion rates as they help customers to make an informed decision by showcasing the powerful abilities of your product.

Video campaigns made their way into the marketing routines. Social networks and other channels offer a great chance to reach out to ever-busy and less attentive people that need video content to consume your message. With dadan, you can create video ads in minutes, without preliminary editing skills, but still with a difference.

For landing pages or other purposes, you can easily embed your dadan video on your website. And it will be completely ad-free! No annoyed viewers that click away. Your effort is always rewarded. 

With dadan, you can create video content by yourself, without involving a high-skilled video professional. When your marketing budget is tight, everyone in your team can become a creator: Dadan requires no steep learning curve. Learn it by doing: a user interface has never been so intuitive before.

Send your prospects short video messages to sum up what you discussed in the meeting. They can watch them in picture-in-picture mode while doing their main tasks. A video message has better chances to get through as it involves more than one sense: vision and listening. 

Do not send any boring Excel sheets or PDFs attached to the long explanatory emails. Show your offer on your screen, record and highlight important points, address your prospects personally, and get more deals closed successfully.

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