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Screen Write Features for a Clear Message

Annotate as You Record to Highlight Your Ideas

what makes great video

What Makes a Great Video Message

Your viewers will appreciate it if you highlight details that may be hard to see within a larger context. It helps you to come faster to the point.

You can use dadan annotation features to enhance your video messages with visual signs while you are still recording or after you are finished.

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Use Time-Boxed Shapes for More Emphasis

In the popup menu, you can pick up one of the default shapes – an arrow, a circle, or a rectangle – to mark anything on your screen to draw viewers’ attention to it.

You can leave the added shapes where they are or set a timer for them to fade on their own. Even small details won’t be missed in your videos. No place for confusion or false interpretations.

time boxed shapes
free hand annotation
Grad 1

Free Hand Annotation

Need an exclamation or a question mark or want to draw a custom shape? This is also possible with dadan.

You can use the free hand annotation feature to highlight anything on your screen that does not fit into a custom shape. There are no limits to your creativity in making your message crystal clear for everyone.

Variate Colors in Your Markup

If you need to express different priorities or warning levels, demarcate concepts, or express your thoughts more precisely, you can use different colors for different shapes.

With dadan, you can customize your annotations made with a free hand or using default figures. Colors are scanned by the viewer easily.

color picker

Ideal for Feedback and Asynchronous Communication

Using dadan’s screen write and annotation features, you can emphasize mistakes, sections that need more clarification, show how something works, or answer a specific question.

With dadan, you can accelerate the feedback process and easily refer to specific details that you want to change. Our all-in-one tool helps you to send clear video messages to your co-workers in a different time zone or someone who is pretty busy.

ideal feedback

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