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dadan for HR Management

Upskill and knowledge videos made with dadan allow you to enhance your employees’ experience. Record engaging videos for compliance training, new hire onboarding, or employee feedback messages

dadan helps to create structured training materials for your workforce

HR Professionals

Onboard new employees without an exhausting organizational effort by providing them access to training videos

Team Leaders

Overcome your tough schedule to deliver personal feedback using videos for employee performance reviews


Record feedback videos for your managers, collaborate with your co-workers, and many more

You have things to do, and new employees may get plenty of tasks even on their first working day. Instead of shepherding them all into a few-day training, let them learn from their office desks by watching interactive videos made with dadan.

New technologies emerge, markets shift, your company experiences changes: there are multiple reasons why you may need to train your existing employees. Everyone has a different learning pace. Why not let them acquire new skills by self-learning? Record videos for them and let them watch the material when they are less under pressure.

From all types of employee training, this one is mandatory. A typical compliance training not only needs to feed attendees with new information. Employees must pass a test afterwards. With dadan, you can combine both in one video. Explain a point and then offer them a quiz straight away, before the new information gets lost in the daily routine.

Simply posting a few videos is not enough for successful employee training. You need to know that people watch them and engage. WIth dadan, you do not need any external tool for this: dadan provides insights into the popularity of your videos enabling you to adjust your strategy.

In the end, it’s all about money. Most of the time, employee training is a repetitive task that can be “automated”. You and your colleagues get more time for other work. And you do not have to hire an expensive video creator or editor: with dadan, you can produce high-quality videos by yourself.

As a team manager, you may struggle to find time for providing personal feedback to your employees. Why not record a video? Using dadan, you can create a more substantial message by showing them documents or other important resources on your screen and pointing to any problematic issues using dadan’s interactive features

Got your employee performance feedback and want to respond to it? Great, the stage is yours! Create a powerful video message with dadan, emphasizing details that are important to you. Record it at any time when you feel ready for it and nothing distracts you. 

Human Resources Management

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