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The Power of Video Communication for Support Ticket Resolution

3 Ways to Use Video Messaging in Customer Support

dadan is not only an intuitive standalone product for video recording and editing. Its power lies in its ability to be integrated with other tools, including a help desk ticketing system Zendesk.

dadan works with Zendesk as a Chrome extension. Learn three ways to use dadan to close your customer tickets faster and with more satisfaction on their side.

Send Responses to Customers as Videos

Video messaging is a gold mine for software and SaaS providers and their customer support teams, as well as for e-commerce shops, online learning platforms, and any digital products and services.

Instead of writing a long explanatory email or pointing customers to a knowledge article they have to read, why not just shoot a short video leading them through the solution? Besides, a customer may have a very specific issue that your knowledge base does not cover yet.

You can simply click yourself through whatever you want them to do, record your screen and your voice, and insert the video into your Zendesk reply. It saves you not only the typing effort but the necessity to make screenshots.

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dadan-Zendesk integration

Customers can watch the video and follow the instructions. They can better find features and buttons on your website or inside your application.

Indeed, providers of physical goods and not yet digitized services are also welcomed to use video messages for closing their support tickets. A warm personal greeting is nicer than a cold standard email template.

Send Problem Descriptions to Your Colleagues

Customers may face serious issues that need some research on your side. And, once you are finished with it, you may come to a conclusion that you still need advice from a more experienced colleague. Or that you have to escalate the issue to the next level or handle it to the second level support.

As in the previous case, writing a summary of all that the customer has complained about and what you have done so far, is extremely inefficient for several reasons:

  • You may miss an important point.
  • It takes time that can be critical for business users. You should not let them down for too long.
  • It takes time for your recipients to replicate the issue that you describe.

On the contrary, a video does not require your colleagues to replay the problem. They can directly see what has happened and start looking for a solution immediately.

Moreover, with dadan, your co-workers can add edits to your video. That allows you to collaborate with other teams even if they are scattered around the globe.

Consequently, you can guarantee your customers a shorter response time and the best support quality. This is an important factor for any user, but especially enterprise ones.

Create a Video Knowledge Base

Video tutorials have more chances to be viewed than long text-based tutorials to be read. Videos can be played in the background, whereas a text article needs a complete user’s attention to be understood. Video can be watched collectively and discussed during meetings, which is relevant for business users that try to learn new software as a team. It is more difficult to read an article together as people have different reading paces.

In the end, you can even address your customers’ pains proactively. Once you’ve successfully closed a ticket, the original video can be used as a template for creating a troubleshooting tutorial.

Next time, your customers won’t even open a support ticket!

Conclusion: Why Use dadan for Customer Support Communication

Dadan’s charm lies in its simplicity. We know how busy a customer support manager can be. You do not need a fancy tool: you need speed.

Read more in our documentation.

Try dadan for free and decide later if you want to adopt it in your company.