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Create Your Brand Voice With Video

Why would you use a free, simple, and inspiring video recording and editing tool as a marketer?

Because you need to deliver your brand message straight to your potential customers in an easy-to-understand, visually catchy, and effortlessly producible and consumable form. 

In this blog, we will go through the video branding basics.

Video Branding Formats

Video is a great tool for creativity. You are free to record and edit what you want. Indeed, there are a few mostly used video formats that help to build a strong brand voice. When we say “format”, we mean different variations of structure and content.

Product or Demo Video

In a product or demo video, you cover the most essential and attractive features or qualities of your product. The purpose of it is to let the customer look into the black box and see your product in action.


Tutorials explain to your audience how to use your product. They help you in enhancing your customer experience and creating more positive connotations with your brand.

Brand Stories

In fact, this type of video plays a central role in branding. While demo videos and tutorials are must-haves for video marketing in general, brand stories bring it to the next level. Brand stories explain why you created your brand, how your company was founded and when, which challenges you’ve gone through, etc. 

Brand stories make your brand stand out, making it more authentic, as every brand has a different story – even if the products may be similar!


Interviews can be a part of any other video branding content but can also be used as a standalone video format. Interviews allow you to support your brand messages with an expert opinion or an opinion expressed by a figure close to your target audience. This helps to strengthen a positive association with your brand.

Behind-the-Scenes / Making-Of

This is a kind of corporate documentary that shows how your product is manufactured or how your team works. It attracts customers who are curious, who want to buy consciously, or who want to buy only environmentally friendly goods. By opening the curtains to the manufacturing process, you deliver them the proof that your product is free from any dangerous materials or that there was unfairly paid labour involved.

Video Branding: Going Beyond the Product Demo

Why is video branding more than just a recording of your product in action? 

The reason is that a brand is more than a product. Not only can you have more than one product under the same brand, retire products, and introduce new ones without changing the brand name, but you can have your corporate philosophy, values, and goals that make up your brand.

A brand message is more a lifestyle than a single product.

Below are a few ideas for making the content of your branded video stand out in a crowd.

Appeal to Your Audience’s Enthusiasm

Simply talking about saving money may not be enough to bind your customers for a long time. But helping them in realising their dreams or doing things that they like is what makes the connection with your brand emotional and strong. 

Therefore, try to tell success stories in your video messages. 

Have a Role Model

Use video to give your customers a role model: a person who achieved something they want to achieve with the help of your product. This should not be just some random person. It must be someone resembling your average customer by age, profession, social status, etc. but slightly more successful, secure, and nice looking.

Communicate Your Values

A brand that only wants to sell is nothing new or authentic. But a brand that has values and philosophy and stands for them, sticks to the memory. 

In your video messages, you can show what kind of values you defend: protecting nature, eliminating discrimination, sustaining local economies, etc. Make sure that your audience would potentially share these values: this is essential for creating a positive connotation.

Provide Tips for Everyday Moments

Do not forget to stay on the ground while you supply your customers with ideas. Don’t suggest that they climb Everest when they are just average office workers fighting with boredom. Try to inspire them in their everyday situations instead. 

Dadan for Video Branding, Software and SaaS Marketing

Demo videos and tutorials can be produced en masse without technical skills: the right tool is all you need for this! Dadan provides you with a video recording and editing functionality that is perfect for showcasing software and SaaS products. 

With dadan, you can capture your screen and webcam at the same time (or only one of both). That allows you to create explanatory videos that can be a demo or learning materials. You simply show how your tool works on your computer, record it, and narrate the video using your webcam and microphone.

With dadan, you do not have to throw away a lot of money to sell your product. That’s ideal for startups, solopreneurs, freelancers, and artisan artists.

Read more about dadan’s features to learn how it can help you.

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