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Caring Is Sharing

Share Your Videos Using Your Favorite Method

Share Your Video as Link

Share Your Video as a Link

The easiest way to spread your word is to copy a link to it and send it over using the messenger of your choice. If you already have Twitter or WhatsApp, you can create a post straight from your dadan’s account. More social network integrations are to come.

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Embed Video on Your Website

Dadan can generate an iFrame to let you embed it on your website. This will make your dadan-hosted video appear on it as a part of its content and/or user interface. Simply add the iFrame to your HTML code manually or using your website builder. All interactive features, except for commenting, will remain available on embedded videos.

Embed Video on Your Website
Save Locally and Distribute as File
Grad 1

Save Locally and Distribute as a File

For those with nostalgia for FTP servers, USB sticks, huge email attachments, or other retro methods of sharing files, dadan allows you to download an old good MP4 file.

Share Securely

With dadan, you won’t miss any security aspects of video sharing. Dadan offers three essential privacy features. You can restrict its visibility to dadan’s users. You can set an expiration date after which your video becomes unavailable even to those who have the link. Eventually, you can set a password that viewers have to type in to unlock the shared video.

Share Securely

Create an Ad-Free Experience for Your Users

Even if you have a free dadan account, no ads will be displayed while someone watches your video, regardless of the method you used to share it: a link, embedded video, or sending it as an MP4 file.

Create Ad Free Experience

Create Your Free dadan Account To Start Using Desktop App or Chrome Extension